First Impressions: A note from new parishioners Joanna and Terry!

We relocated to Prince Edward County in 2021. Upon arriving in the County, our first priority was to find a place to worship. 

We were anxious about starting over in a new faith community: how would we ever replicate the same feelings of communion, belonging and fellowship in a place where we didn't know a soul? 

We agreed to shop around … We prepared to spend a literal month of Sundays on our quest.  

First stop on our daunting reconnoitering mission was St Andrew's Anglican Church in Wellington. From the moment we walked through the main doors, we knew we had found our new church. 

We were immediately greeted and made to feel welcome in the church. The parishioners were so friendly and welcoming. Everyone was wearing a name tag, which made remembering the many new faces /names so much easier. 

The atmosphere before the service began was almost boisterous with people laughing and calling out to one another. 

Canon Nancy is a gifted preacher and made the readings and Gospel relevant and interesting. 

At the conclusion of the service, we were encouraged by many of the people around us to join in coffee hour in the church hall. 

We met so many new people and enjoyed getting to know our new friends over coffee and treats. Needless to say, our search for a new church began and ended on that Sunday. We are so grateful to have become part of such a vibrant, active, fun, and caring church family.  We look forward to Sundays with a sense of anticipation that neither of us has ever experienced before.