Special Occasions


Funerals and A Celebration of Life


The death of a loved one can be a difficult time as we experience feelings of loss, grief, pain, and emptiness. 
It can also be, however, a time to celebrate a life lived and the promise of new life in our Lord Jesus Christ.

At St. Andrew’s Church, our desire is to be present with you and your family as you move through this time. 
It is our privilege to walk with you on this sacred journey. Be it a church funeral, a service in the funeral home, 
or a graveside service, the prayerful presence of a pastor can help you to honour the life of your loved one. 
We also have a team available that will provide a funeral lunch or reception following the service.

If you would like any further information, please contact Canon Nancy Beale at the church 
in Wellington (613.399.1774) or by email to: pecpriest@gmail.com

Our cemetery is the historical Christ Church Cemetery, Hillier, which is to be found in a beautiful and tranquil 
rural setting on Closson Road. Since the closure of Christ Church, Hillier, the cemetery has been maintained 
by St. Andrew’s, which organizes yearly in June a Decoration Day where families gather to leave flowers on 
the graves of their loved ones. This year, we are planting some 180 lilac bushes around the perimeter of the 
cemetery to add beauty and better protect it from the winds.

Burial and cremation plots are open to everyone by calling the St. Andrew’s office.


Decoration Day


Decoration Day at Christ Church Hillier dates back to 1923. It occurred originally on the second Friday in June but was changed to the first Sunday in June in 1939.  Clean-up of the cemetery, decoration of the grave sites, and a  special memorial church service became a tradition.
In 1967, the congregation of Christ Church had become a part of St. Andrew’s, and the cemetery became our responsibility, but Decoration Day services continued at Christ Church Hillier until the church was deconsecrated on June 24, 2002.  Currently, this special occasion begins with a eucharist at St. Andrew’s, followed by a potluck lunch. A brief memorial service  then occurs at 1.30 p.m. at the cemetery.
It has become a tradition for the Royal Canadian Legion Colour Party to participate in this service that honours the many war veterans buried in the cemetery. Everyone is invited to the cemetery to confirm our commitment to the stewardship of the place, to ensure that it continue to be a place of honour for the dead, and a place of beauty and inspiration for the living.