Service of the Installation and Seating

of The Rt. Rev. William Grant Cliff, MA., D.D.

                       The Thirteenth Bishop of Ontario

                        article by Sylvia McConnell

Courtesy of M. Hauser, Anglican Diocese of Ontario 

Bishop William Cliff was installed at St. George’s Cathedral in Kingston on Saturday, October 21, 2023. Until coming to The Diocese of Ontario, he was the consecrated bishop in The Diocese of Brandon, Manitoba, from March 1, 2016.

The service was very well attended by thirty Bishops, and many priests and lay readers. Many parishioners from the Diocese were also in attendance at the 5:00 p.m. service – including a dozen from St. Andrew’s and St. Phillip’s churches.

Bishop William Cliff waited outside until everyone was settled in their seats and the first hymn concluded. He then knocked three times at the Great West Door, requesting entry, which act symbolizes the beginning of a new bishop’s ministry as the assembled congregation gives their consent to his entry. He was welcomed in by the Dean of Ontario, Doug Michael, and other representatives from the Diocese, whom he then followed to the altar, preceded by his chaplain, Canon Nancy Beale.     

Courtesy of M. Hauser, Anglican Diocese of Ontario 

The National Indigenous Archbishop, Chris Harper, smudged him as a symbol of cleansing and preparation to take part in the liturgy, Chief of the Mohawk Bay of Quinte, Donald Maracle, offered a prayer in Mohawk. St George’s choir had prepared some beautiful music for the occasion.

The Gospel was read by the Rev. Canon Fran Langlois, after which Bishop Cliff delivered his first sermon in our Diocese. Just prior to the offertory and Eucharist, Bishop Michael Oulton passed the Pastoral Staff to Archbishop Germond before it was passed to Bishop William.

Anglican Primate of Canada, Linda Nicholls, spoke at the end of the service, welcoming Bishop William, and complimenting his beautiful voice. Primate Linda also brought greetings from the National Church and the Anglican Church of the Americas.

Bishop William’s first act as our thirteenth Bishop was to appoint Canon Nancy Beale as the Archdeacon for Rural Ministry and Training. Bishop William has worked with her before, and therefore knows her dedication to the rural communities.

Archdeacon Nancy Beale will stay with her two parishes of St. Andrew’s in Wellington and St. Phillips in Milford. We at St. Andrew’s are very proud of her new position in our Diocese.

For those of us who attended the installation at St. George’s, it was a moving and beautiful service. We look forward to welcoming Bishop William at St. Andrew’s on November 5th.