160 lilacs for the Diocese of Ontario!

To commemorate the 160 Anniversary of the Diocese of Ontario, St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Parish of Kente, in Prince Edward County, planted 160 purple lilac seedlings along three sides of the perimeter, at Christ Church Cemetery in Hillier Ontario. This project was organized by warden Evelyn Sprigings, Michael Korn and Joanna Wright. Many of St. Andrew's congregation financially supported this project as well as  participating  with planting, on a very rainy April day; watering the seedlings; keeping the grass trimmed around each seedling; etc. The tiny lilacs are growing well and as they mature, will make a beautiful border around the quiet, country cemetery.

picture and article courtesy of Diocese of Ontario. 


Our sincere thanks to our many friends in Wellington, Prince Edward County and Belleville Hastings for their support!