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Sunday Nov. 18 - 2018
Sunday Nov. 18 - 2018
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ome and see…” – these were Jesus’ words of invitation to his first two disciples, one of whom was Andrew.  It is an open invitation – not a command – to move forward, to explore a new relationship with Jesus, to have their eyes opened to a new life. 

With this, our new website, we invite you to come and see….  Come and see our life together as friends – of Jesus and of each other.  Come and see how you might get to know the living God in your own unique way.  Come and see if our Christian community might help you to explore your own life of the Spirit.

This site is a new venture for our parish.  We are excited by the opportunities it offers us, and a little bit daunted by it too!  Please come back regularly and often, as we seek to share our life with you and the world.

May the Creator of all life bless you in your journey.

Rev. Andrew Wilson