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Parish of Kente Endowment Fund

Our Endowment Fund was the inspiration of the late John Stanford.  John's dream was to have a fund that would provide financial support for mission oriented activities both in and outside of the church.  The by-laws of the fund also provide a framework for donations and bequests to the Parish of Kente (St. Andrew's Anglican Church).

The fund was established at the Annual Vestry meeting of the Parish of Kente in 2008.  It is administered by a Committee made up of officers and members of the Parish.

We offer grants to local groups and individual planning projects on a community, national, or international level.

To apply for a grant to fund a project, please download the application below.

The deadline for grants  is May 15 of each year.

If you would like more information about this fund, please contact the Wardens.


Endowment Fund Application Documents Download
Endowment Fund By-Laws By-Laws of the Parish of Kente Endowment Fund Documents Download