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A Brief History of

Christ Church Cemetery, Hillier

Situated on a knoll on an old road leading from Hillier to Trumpour?s Mill (now the Grange winery), Christ Church Cemetery offers a beautiful and tranquil rural setting. Serving the community since 1843, land for the cemetery and church was deeded to the Anglican Church in 1846 by Robert Hubbs, granting permission for anyone in Hillier, regardless of denomination, to be buried there.

In 1922 the Hillier Cemetery Society was formed to take care of the burial ground and the Hillier Women?s Institute sponsored the building of the stones gates as a memorial to "the dauntless courage and confirmation of purpose of our pioneer women.? Since 1938 the cemetery has been maintained by the Anglican Church; presently St. Andrew?s Church in Wellington.

There has been an annual Decoration Day at Hillier since the early 1920?s, observed on the first Sunday in June. The beautiful wooden church at Hillier built in the 1840?s was struck by lightning on August 12th, 1944 and a new church rose out of the ashes in 1947. The new building served the community until 1969 when it was closed, with the exception of the Decoration Day service in June. Faced with rising maintenance and insurance costs, the building was sold to Closson Chase wineries in 2006 and moved to its current location at the corner of Closson and Chase roads.

The cemetery remains an active memorial to those who contributed to the creation of vibrant rural communities.

(Written by Mr. Michael Korn)

For more information about the history of Christ Church, and the cemetery, please feel free to download the documents below.  Our deep thanks to Mr. Michael Korn for his research and gift of these articles.

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